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By 1978, the To no surprise, the technology’s earliest adopters included Olympic and professional sports teams, along with some of the country’s leading performance training facilities. Armed Forces (Navy SEALs and Special Forces included), physical therapy facilities, and nursing homes are also incorporating pneumatic resistance into their training routines — with no real competitors in sight.

Today, Athletes’ Performance, Peak Performance, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, and LA Fitness are just a few of the big name facilities buying into the air-powered equipment. According to Keiser reps, sales of Keiser’s pneumatic cable pulley systems and racks have increased by 68 percent over the last three years.

The smooth fluid resistance reduces stress on joints and soft tissue.

Even after the user fatigues, this unique feature, allows the user to continue the movement, or set of repetitions, thereby affirming their ability to finish.

When a person can complete the prescribed exercise plan their motivation to continue increases!

This combined with smooth fluid movements make it a safe exercise system for nearly any practice.

Professionals and their clients have been relying on hydraulic exercise equipment since 1970.

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