Online dating for 50 yearlds

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Online dating for 50 yearlds

It is being used in many schools and by child psychologists all across Denmark and by parents and children all across the world.

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On the other hand, BK, although still relatively busy, appeared to have half the volume of customers as their nemesis. How can Mc Donald’s continue to kick Burger King all over the field over and over again? I could literally list dozens of major Mc Donalds innovations over the years, but it suffices to say that these guys are focused better than anyone in the fast food arena on constant innovation.

I find it a very intriguing question, one that, when analyzed, is applicable to any business or niche. Regarding BK, can you name 1 major innovation they’ve had over the years??

Anyone with a brain knows that this sandwich was a clear copy of its counterpart at Chick-fil-A, yet notwithstanding the ‘copied’ version tastes pretty darn good in comparison. If you think back, it was only a couple of years ago that fast food restaurants didn’t take credit cards.

This was also true with the ‘Mc Flurry’….hmmm, strangely sounds like ‘Blizzard’ there 😉Simply put, when Mc D’s sees something working well for other venues, they’re not afraid to say, “Hey, we didn’t come out with it first, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the ideas and run with it.” If only every restaurant and business followed this example and understood when to copy the successful behaviors of their competitors. Today, they all do, but as you might well imagine, guess who was one of the first to jump on board with credit card machines?

He basically said, “I won’t make a big deal or any-sized deal about it,” though he did go pretty deeply and somewhat creatively into the dangers of pornography to It is a quandary.

What should you do in this garden-variety situation?

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