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Take a heritage walk around the area to discover what remains of Norman Bristol and the city wall remain, then find a spot at one of the many independent and quirky coffee shops in the area for watching the world go by.

To support the Bristol Learning City partnership, 2016 had been declared as the Year of Learning in Bristol.

Learning strengthens the economy; it helps organisations and businesses stay one step ahead, improving productivity, encouraging innovation and opening up new possibilities.

Bristol is a great place to learn, with many opportunities available.

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After just 10 days of being apart from one another (although that may be longer in dog years) Jasper the cat pounces on her canine companion Bow-Z and keeps on hugging him, and hugging him...hugging him....She had worked on the Hill and was wary of entering the political cauldron of the hearings.Joe Biden (D-Del.), who headed the committee, limited witnesses to women who had a "professional relationship" with Thomas. Although I never punished, but I read a lot and I knew that would normally use the bars. (See first link in resources list) In the kitchen these last two describe particular kinds of enamelware, with a finish resembling agate or granite, although both names can refer to ceramics as well....

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