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Updating ssis packages

Well, I have run into this situation several times and previously, the solution into this challenge has been either to: Some time ago I did a video blog regarding the Kingsway Soft SSIS integration toolkit.In that blog post, I focused on the data migration done from one Dynamics CRM instance to another. Drag the line from the DB Sort to the Merge Join 5.

Before we start designing the SSIS Package let me show you the Table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database Below screenshot show you the changed price list In this example, Our task is to update the old values of the products table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database with the new values in the Costing table.Drag the OLE DB Source Output arrow on to the OLE DB Command Transformation to perform transformations on the source data.STEP 5: Double click on the OLE DB Command Transformation will open the Advanced Editor for OLE DB Command to configure it.However, the next morning the job failed and the error log indicated that the job tried to connect to the old mail server.Is there something I'm missing to updating the SSIS package parameters?

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You are ready to go and run the SSIS package and update the data in CRM from the data in excel file.