Dating gillette tech razors who is rachel nichols dating

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Dating gillette tech razors

Since there are so many different types of Tech, it can be hard to figure out which variant is which - and when each was made.

These cracks are almost expected on vintage Gillette's with hollow handles.Gillette claimed the Tech made advancements in 4 "points" of Technology, all of which were widely advertised, including "The ridgid blade support speeds shaving", "Non-skid tread protects face", "Cleans quickly - never clogs" and "Solid bar guard assures comfort". Notes of Interest: Mild to efficient shaver Photos: Manufacturer: Gillette Dates in Production: 1941-1945 Type: DE, 3 piece Description: Similar to Ball End Tech, but barrel has several fullers. The stock number refers to the War Department's predecessor to the National Stock Number system. Throughout the razor's production, Gillette positioned the Tech as a low-cost model of it's razor lineup, selling for years for 49 cents for the nickel version, and 98 cents for the gold-plated version. The stock number also included Tech models with a bakelite handle. Below is a list of the various styles and changes that have taken place since Gillette's inception.It can be a helpful indication of which razor would best suit your needs or a great way for collectors to get their hands on the more rare or obscure items that have been released over the years.

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